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Maui and The Taniwha

Maui and the Taniwha

In a land occupied by the best of Gods, there lived a demigod named Maui, and his son Tamaiti. Everyone appreciated what Maui and his son had done, by fishing up the lands of Aotearoa, so the Gods didn’t need to live in the discomfort of the sky and could live in peace on Earth. Maui lived in a village by the Waikato River.

One day Maui and Tamaiti were walking along the  sleepy Waikato river, talking about Tamaiti’s future when all of a sudden the evil Taniwha named Horotiu jumped out of  the murky waters and devoured Tamaiti in one gulp.“KAAAAOOOO! ”Maui exclaimed.

Consumed by fury and anger, Maui wanted revenge so he rushed back to his village to get his mighty pounamu fish hook to kill the taniwha. Meanwhile Horotiu went back to his lair deep in the Waikato River, to hide from Maui and gloat about his hunting treat.

But Maui was the better hunter and quickly found Horotiu’s lair. He burst in and with his fish hook he sliced Horotiu into seven pieces showing the taniwha no mercy. Reaching inside he pulled his son from inside the Taniwha, his fast actions saving Tamaiti from getting digested.

To stop Horotiu from ever harming another person, Maui threw the seven pieces of his body up into the sky, creating the stars that we see at night at the same time each year as when Tamaiti was attacked. That is the story of how Matariki was made.

By James, Siraj, Rishy, Aditya and Tareeq

Excellent work boys! Your group worked well together to create an interesting narrative of Matariki.  By using elements of existing myths, you have made your narrative sound authentic. Fantastic use of interesting vocabulary and sentence starters.     Miss Richardson

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