Monday, 28 May 2018

The Shadow Troll

“Wait I’ll be back” I said “ok”shadow responded I left to only to go and get a drink and I came back to the soccer field. My shadow was gone I yell out his name “SHADOW WHERE ARE YOU!” Then I look down to only see one thing and that was a note it said “ come to my shadow prison if you would wish to see your friend again sincerely yours the Shadow Troll.” “ The shadow troll, I must go and get  my shadow back!”

I prepare myself for what I’m going against. I got my gear ready and grab my handy torch considering it is the Shadow troll it will be dark. I walk outside and see on the highest mountain peak I see the shadow prison “ I’m coming shadow” I said… Meanwhile at the shadow prison “looks like your friend is coming to save you” the shadow troll called with his deep threatening voice “he’ll save me just you wait.” “Not if I send my shadow wolves” “go my wolves go find that BOY!” “AWHOOOO!” “What was that” I said with nerves. Then I look in front of me “oh no.” “ Its shadow wolves” they start running at me but then I realised “ you guys are shadows you can't hurt me but I can certainly hurt you.” I swiftly grab my torch put it on high and shine it through the wolves. They started to incinerate now that there out of the way time to continue my journey.

“YOU WOLVES ARE USELESS! NOW GET OUT OF MY LAIR YOU CANT EVEN DO A SIMPLE JOB!” “ I won’t let him get to me or you” said the shadow troll
I’m almost halfway there I just have enough time to get to shadow I finally make to the shadow prison I try my hardest to open the door but it won't budge I try find another opening then I see a window “please be unlocked” I try opening and its unlocked and to my eyes I see imprisoned shadows “I’ll make sure these other shadows are freed and then I will grab shadow. I made my move I jumped through the window and see then see the Shadow Troll snoring away like a whale.  I slowly walked over to shadows cell I opened the cell “CREEK” “oh no” I tugged shadow out of his cell and we sprinted to the window. “Lucky no alarms went of am I right.” “BEEP… BEEP… BEEP” all the shadows got released and the shadow troll is enraged “WHERE ARE MY SHADOWS!!!” “YOU... SHADOW WOLVES GET THEM” the shadow troll screamed. “Not if we get you first go shadows” all the shadows stood up and charged at the shadow troll and threw the shadow troll into the sea.

After that all the shadows returned home to their rightful owners
and never had see the shadow troll ever again and they all were happy in the end and had to celebrate after defeating the shadow troll.

WALT: Write a narrative

  • An interesting title
  • A hook sentence which captures the audience
  • An opening paragraph to introduce characters and story setting
  • Organise the story into paragraphs - Build up, problem, solution, ending
  • Language features
* Verbs and adverbs
* Descriptive language - Adjectives, similes, metaphors, personification
 * Time connectives - eventually, finally, after that, suddenly, meanwhile, then,
  • Interesting dialogue which adds to the story  

Have I remembered to...
  • write mostly in past tense using third person narration
  • Including interesting details and descriptions at each part


  1. really entertaining and great language features

  2. I liked how you entertain me with your story because it was funny and you set the story really good.

  3. Nice work Tareeq I really like how you made I sound very funny and you added detail in the story to make it sound like a professional.

  4. I like the way you used heaps of detail and I really enjoyed it