Thursday, 12 April 2018

Snapping Turtle Information Report

Snapping Turtles

What has a shell, is big, scaly and lives in shallow, freshwater? A Snapping Turtle! The Snapping Turtle comes from a large freshwater family called the Chelydridae. Did you know they also have a long flexible neck to attack predators? Snapping Turtles can live to 200 years in the wild but in captivity they can live up to 80 years.

Home Sweet Home:
Snapping turtles live only in   fresh or brackish, murky water. They prefer water with muddy bottoms and lots of vegetation so that they can hide more easily. Snapping turtles spend almost all their time in water, but only go on land to lay their eggs in sandy soil.

All You Can Eat:
Common snapping turtles are different from alligator snapping turtles because their tongues are not shaped like worms. These turtles do not have teeth, but they do have a powerful jaw and beaks that they use to eat plants and animals. Common snappers will eat plants, small fish, snakes, insects, frogs and small birds.

As you can see snapping turtles are amazing creatures; although they are slow and can become fat, they are very powerful and really strong. I hope you liked my facts on snapping turtle




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  1. Amazing report Tareeq!I liked how you had lots facts about snapping turtles.