Sunday, 4 March 2018

The Three Kete

Halsey News
Local man saves three Kete

Breaking News! Local man ,Tane Mahuta saves the three Kete of Knowledge from his wicked brother, Whiro. Whiro is known for his evil schemes , he tried taking the Kete for himself.  Tane had to battle him to take the Kete to the wharekura. But before he went he had to go to the Ministry of Education before he built his wharekura. After a few months of interview and arguments he finally got permission to build the wharekura.  He started the journey of getting the Kete by climbing the swirling whirlwinds which were created by Tawhirimatea. After some weeks of climbing, Tane reached the third overworld. Unfortunately Whiro was waiting for him there and had sent his army of nasty creatures. There were owls, sand flies, mosquitoes and bats. He could have been beaten by the army but Tawhirimatea blew the attackers to the far corners of the heavens. He was so tired but he was determined to get the Kete before his brother could.
Tane and Tawhirimatea defeating Whiro in battle.
After defeating the creatures he climbed to the eleventh overworld where he  received the three Kete from the god of kindness, Pu-motomoto. “ Take the Kete and bring knowledge to Aotearoa” he said before he gave  it to him. Tane felt relieved he had the three Kete and climbed back down to the ninth overworld where Whiro was waiting for him. He could have been beaten, but the Knowledge in the Kete made him stronger.   For his punishment he threw Whiro down to the dead underworld. Now Whiro brings sickness, bad thoughts and death to people. While Tane was getting the Kete the others have been busy by building a wharekura. Tane hung the Kete in the  wharekura so that the knowledge could be spread around the world. “ Knowledge is power” he said .

By Tareeq and Rishy

Tane receiving the Three Kete from Pu-motomoto.

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