Sunday, 21 May 2017

Television Is A Great Invention by Tareeq, Alex and Micah

Television Is A Great Invention
TV is a good invention.  TV is educational for little kids under 5 and it is also educational for adults. It is better than a laptop or computer and it is also entertaining.

Our first main reason is that TV is very educational and informative for                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                adults.  Here are some examples: News Hub, Seven Sharp, One and Channel 3 News, The Project, Hope Channel, National Geographic Channel and Fair Go.  These programmes teach you about things that are happening in NZ and around the world.  They inform you, give you knowledge about what is happening, they teach you about science and the Earth and current affairs.

Our second main reason is for TV being a good invention is that it is better than a laptop or computer because it has a GINORMOUS screen and you can do the same things as a laptop on some TV’s, such as a Samsung TV you can go on youtube and the internet. Also only if you sit to close at a TV to long, then you will get headaches, but with a computer you are really close to it so you can most likely get a headache.
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Our third reason is that TV is entertaining. TV is entertaining because programmes tell you stories and narratives and take you away into an imaginary world.  TV is entertaining because there are lots of funny shows like: The Simpsons, Spongebob Squarepants, The Thundermans and Tom and Jerry.  These shows are humorous because the characters either look funny or act in a funny way.  They sometimes get themselves into strange and crazy situations and they pull funny facial expressions to show their feelings.

So if you understand why TV is good for you, you should go buy one today because TV is educational,humorous and good for you it doesn't damage your eyes as much like a laptop and computer. TV doesn't give you a headache because it is far away SO GO GET A TV NOW!

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  1. Well done Tareeq! I liked how you listed the different T.V shows.