Thursday, 18 May 2017

Adults are better than kids

         W.A.L.T: write persuasively
      Adults are better than kids
Adults are betters than kids. We really think that adults are better than kids so you should start believing it too! Our three reasons are that adults can get paid lot’s of money for doing work, they can control what's happening in the house and they can travel on a trip whenever they want.

Our first reason for Adults are better than kids is that they get LOT’S of money from work.  Adults get over one thousand dollars!  Wow that’s a lot of money! If you're an adult you could be spending all that money for yummy food, cool games and more, but while you’re a kid you’re just sitting at school doing boring math’s. And sometimes if you work for a popular company they could give you vouchers such as, discounts for aeroplane flights, hotels, and more.  

Our second reason is adults are better than kids because they get control of the house and also get control of the kids and family. e.g: What to watch on TV, when to go to bed, when to go and when to not go on electronics. Adults are always in charge of their children, children are never will be in charge of the house!

Our final reason is that adults can travel or go on a trip whenever they want to.  They have money so they don’t need to ask anyone to pay for anything.  They can book tickets, accommodation and activities for wherever they want to go, whenever they have saved up and have the time.  Whereas children have no freedom to choose when or where to go on holiday, the decision is totally up to their parents. Children are too young to go on holiday by themselves and wouldn't have enough money to pay for a trip.  Their parents could take them on the most boring holiday ever and they wouldn’t have any choice, they would have to go because their parents are the ones in charge!  Therefore, being a kid is not easy.  Parents get to choose what they want to do and children have no freedom to make their own choices.  

In conclusion we believe that being an adult is better than being a kid because they can do whatever they want at anytime, they have all the money to do stuff, have all the control in the house and they also have freedom to do anything.  Whereas kids have no control and have to do whatever their parents say.  SO YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO YOUR PARENT’S BECAUSE ThEY ARE IN CHARGE OF EVERYTHING AND NOT KIDS!

Teacher Comment: Well done boys - I am very impressed with your writing!  Excellent main reasons and supporting detail for these. I like how you used positive adjectives to describe the life of an adult and negative adjectives to describe the life of a child, to help support your opinion.
Next steps: Make sure all your sentences make sense - read these aloud to yourselves so that you can pick up on what doesn't sound right.  Also look at your use of apostrophes - these are only needed to show ownership of something by someone or for contractions.  Eg: Danny's shoes were muddy. OR does not = doesn't.


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