Thursday, 10 November 2016


Grizz the bear
            GRRRR! Grizz the grumpy bear roared in fierce anger. He stomped out of his deep,dark cave. “What’s all the ruckus?”,             he roared uh? Um i’ll get going now he gulped He started running like an Olympic racer almost as fast as Usain Bolt. He was at a old red Barn.All the animals were getting sucked up from the deadly, fierce tornado was like a vacuum cleaner . The old ragged clothed Farmer on the other hand didn’t care then he looked again. ‘’Holy smokes’’ he terrifyingly exclaimed. ‘’It’s a gargantuan tornado and it’s stealing my animals’’ ‘’I really hope someone can do something about it but anyway’’.’Evacuate the  Farm’’and shiny,steel doors blocked the old Farm entrances and windows. Grizz was running for his life Grizz threw one big rock at the terrifying vacuum cleaner. Grizz noticed that the tornado got smaller each time he threw a big rock. Grizz said ‘’this means war’’ so he ran back to his cave and grabbed a but load of rocks and started throwing like train wheels. The tornado was weak now and if Grizz threw one more big rock at  the vacuum cleaner would be dead. Before he threw the last big rock he said ‘’honey la Vesta’’and the gargantuan tornado was dead. The old Farmer peeked out the window ‘’it's it’s gone the gargantuan tornado is gone’’. ‘’Come out my precious animals it’s safe to come out’’. The old ragged clothed Farmer said since the gargantuan tornado is gone let's celebrate and have a feast. At the feast everyone was happy the old farmer was playing his banjo the food was amazing chicken,cake and everything else even Grizz was celebrating and he doesn't like noise. They were playing games eating food talking and having fun playing sport like soccer,cricket and so many other things. Also for the first time Grizz smiled. Later on the feast finished Grizz wanted to ask the Farmer something but he was to shy. Then he said ‘’you can do it Grizz then he slapped himself in the face OWW!’’ Then his face was red then he asked the farmer ‘’can can I live in the barn please’’. So the farmer said yes and they all lived happily ever after.

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