Sunday, 18 September 2016

change the price of smiggle speech

Change the price of smiggle

Are you tired of passing that smiggle shop and saying I must have that ice cream cone rubber! Drop on your knees Noooooo! It is to expensive! Today I am going to talk about why the world would be a happier place if the price of smiggle was cheaper.

The problem. Smiggle has too many expensive products that kids want but can't afford. My first idea is that smiggle is a popular place and people want to buy lots of things I bet the owner of smiggle wants money but they are not going to make money if the products are too pricy.

If the products were less pricey than they might even make more money. They will have more customers instead of having one or two looking around and saying can I have the ice cream cone rubber but it is to expensive maybe next time when it is cheaper Noooooo!

My second idea is that if smiggle bought out a cheaper line of products this will help people with no money. They will be able to buy the cheaper line of products smiggle could start with basic designs. People will go crazy after they hear that smiggle is cheaper they might even go mental over rubbers, bags, pens, pencils and everything else smiggle might even sell out all their stock!
It's not just smiggle that needs price changing. Nike and other popular shops need to think about how much they charge too. A Nike ball can go for $120. That's outrageous! However it is not all the stores responsibility. We as customers could be buying cheaper products rather than always wanting the cool thing.

Instead of buying that pair of $200 Nike shoes, are there another pair somewhere else that will look after your feet the same as Nike's but for only $50? Do we really need a cool looking rubber from smiggle? Or will a 30 cent rubber from the warehouse stationery do the same thing.

The next time you walk past smiggle I hope you think two things. Do I really need that cool looking rubber or where can I find the same thing cheaper.

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