Thursday, 4 August 2016

the life cycle of a sea turtle

Do you know that there are many species of sea turtles in the world?  Well there are eight species like hawks bill, leather back, leopard, green, loggerhead, olive ridley, Kemp's ridley and flat back.  They have survived for millions of years, heres how.[

First the mother turtle lays 50 to 200 eggs. Then she  buries them in a hole. After that the mother turtle goes back to the sea

During the hatching, unfortunately 20% don’t hatch and 50% don't make it to the sea. They dig up to the surface and wait till night so the moon can guide them. To the sea but the street light some times tricks them and they get run over. But that's not all they have many dangers on the way like pitfalls, raccoons, and seagulls only 10% of the turtles squirm and  make it to the ocean.

They swim in the ocean currents but they have to be careful when they rise up for air  a seagull will come and eat them and they have to be careful to not eat rubbish. Because they could  get stuck and choke and die and they could get stuck and never get free.

The sea turtles are all grown up they go to the mating grounds and makes as many mates as possible then they go back to the place they were born to lay there eggs.

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